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Quite often we have an area that ready made products just don't fit or maybe are not the colour or design we are looking for. This can be very frustrating! This is where Vaughan Bespoke Joinery enter into the equation. We can visit your home or premises and have a full discussion to fully ascertain your exact requirement. We can advise on the best wood or product to suit the area concerned.

Below is a short list of ideas that we can create and turn into reality:

  • Beautiful Shelves with Matching Window Sils and Window Frames
  • Stunning Staircases with Understairs Shelving
  • Wooden Seating in a Bay Window with Matching Window Sil
  • Bespoke Shelving & Cupboards to fit loft space or anywhere within your house or premises
  • Bespoke Joinery to areas that could be well utilised that ready made products don't fit
  • Garden Sheds with shelving inside to your specific design
  • Classic Beautiful Garden Benches

We are full of ideas and we have a passion for creativity. Together, we can create a beautiful and stunning living or working environment. For bespoke joinery, please contact Vaughan Joinery for a FREE no obligation quote.

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